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  • To create a more
    feminine friendly
    environment within
    the Mustang hobby

  • To provide a way
    for women to
    activities for better

  • To help women
    meet other women
    with similar

  • Provide ways for
    group members to
    spend more time in
    their Mustangs.
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Mamas today and
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Mustang Mamas in front of school in Wilkeson, WA
It’s a forum where women can share their pride in owning America’s car. They can ask questions without
judgment. Share their knowledge and be heard. Feel respected and valued within a group of people.

The Mustang Mamas Facebook group is drama free; a place to leave behind the stresses of life and
celebrate what we all love, the Ford Mustang.  We are all about inclusion not exclusion. Any woman can be a
Mustang Mama and take part in all activities whether she owns a Ford Mustang or not.

Mustang Mamas began in the PNW but quickly spread across the USA with members in almost all 50 states.
Chapters in Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas were
added quickly. As of June 2019 there are over 600 Mustang Mamas.

The Mustang Mamas quickly went international and as of June 2019 the Mustang Mamas added its first
international chapter in Australia.

The Mustang Mamas is here to inspire women to reach out,
make friends, and drive those Mustangs
There are many Mustang clubs out there with very few women as members.

Mustang Mamas is here to bridge that gap and bring all these women together while continuing their
membership in their current clubs.

Mustang Mamas is a 100% female  Facebook group that
reflects the female side of the Ford Mustang hobby.